Broncos beat Saints

Nearly two weeks later scratching out a five-set triumph over St. Louis, Sam Houston almost went the maximum with all the Saints back on Tuesday but pulled out a four-set triumph.

Sam Houston won 25-22, 25-19, 25-22, 21-25 and is however, head coach Rene Fontenot is looking for more consistency out of her staff with district Thursday.

“We are looking for consistency,” Fontenot said. “Part of it is our emotional focus.

“The other part will be to keep to conduct an offense and not get sucked into to providing up a free ball or dumping a ball which the setter believes they may not have the ability to get.”

After winning the first 2 sets, Sam Houston’s communication problems began to creep up again, providing St. Louis 10 points on errors.

“They wait to make decisions when they simply must make one,” Fontenot said. “We’ve run over one another and busted each other in the facearea. Occasionally they speak well but they do not listen to one another.”

St. Louis (7-12) jumped out to a 2-0 lead, then retreated with a 9-1 run together with help from a kill and block by Mallory Colletta.

Sam Houston (10-11) made a 9-0 run to even the score at 14-14 but never took the lead.

St. Louis shut out the third place on a second block and kill by Colletta, sandwiched around a professional from Rosie Miller.

“We were passing well and commanding the game slightly better,” St. Louis head coach Elizabeth Thompson stated. “Our energy level was up and we were putting the ball away.

“Whenever we can keep our own server on the back line, we are in good shape.”

St. Louis was able to take a number of that momentum into the fourth group and tried to make a run at demanding a fifth. Jolie Savoie attacked the net and Colletta’s kill gave the Saints a 4-2 lead. But back-to-back aces by Jordan Cochran put Sam Houston up 7-5.

“Our purpose receive has not been where I would prefer it to be,” Thompson stated. “We rely too much on the opposite group giving us points by error.

“We have been talking about ball control and passing over anything else and diminishing our errors and use theirs at precisely the exact same time.”

St. Louis remained connected and close it at 22-22 after a kill by Lauren Anderson plus also a Sam Houston hitting error. However, the Broncos finished the match with an ace and Madeline Manuel blocked a Savoie attack.

Glover needed a match-high 17 kills and senior Tori Wainwright additional six kills, two aces and seven digs. Cochran and Alania Bartie had 15 assists each.

Miller led St. Louis with four aces, 14 kills and 18 digs, while Anderson ended with seven kills and Gabi Moreno submitted a match-high 22 assists and 12 digs.

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Refining running Springs’ roles


If you’re intending to wager this weekend, USA TODAY Sports’ Lorenzo Reyes states these three would be the thing to do. USA TODAY Sports

METAIRIE¬†— Alvin Kamara and Mark Ingram performed to make the once invaluable Adrian Peterson expendable in New Orleans.

Time will tell if Kamara and Ingram will perform even better that match plans and exercise snaps and game programs are more concentrated on these that Peterson was traded for a conditional draft selection.

“This was completed just using common sense,” Saints coach Sean Payton said of the Peterson trade. “We had an opportunity to find a draft pick a year ago. I know Arizona was short at this place. There’s a confidence level we have with the way Alvin and Mark are enjoying.

“Among the challenges, of course, when you have the thickness we’ve got is having enough touches for all these guys,” Payton added. “We drafted (Kamara) and ended up finding a great, young prospect that has played well.”

Not merely was Peterson never featured at Payton’s crime in his four matches with the Saints, but he was captured on camera glaring and shouting in the Saints’ trainer from the regular season opener at Minnesota, where Peterson had spent the first 10 years of his career and had stated he hoped to play well. Peterson afterwards said that he knew he would not own a workhorse part in New Orleans pass-heavy crime, he “did not register” for as little action as he was getting.

But Payton claimed there was no motive to marginalize Peterson due to his attitude, in much the same manner the trainer insisted his connection with Brandin Cooks was nice when he traded the recipient into New England from the very first offseason after Cooks complained about too few passes being thrown into him.

“Adrian and I’ve talked a ton each week,” Payton said. “Our connection, I’d say, was fantastic. It was an opportunity, actually, where he was going to obviously get somewhere and be featured more and I am happy that that opportunity came up and we could create the trade.”

From the day Peterson came in New Orleans, Ingram claimed that he was not fazed and that it wouldn’t change his mindset of aiming to reveal he was the greatest running back to the team.

“That is just how I was brought up, guy. I’m always planning to compete, never shy away from competition, never shy away from whatever,” Ingram said. “So no matter who’s here or where I’m at, I’m always going to compete, I’m going to struggle and put my best foot forward. Therefore it is what it is. I mean, he is a fantastic player. He has lots of juice. He can go. I’m hoping that he goes and shows it in Arizona.”

Kamara and Ingram are active catching passes out of the backfield in an offense that has parts of the West Coast strategy Bill Walsh conducted in the 1980s, although even the Saints game hasn’t produced this season.

This season, Ingram has 295 yards per carry, including 170 metres on 42 rushes — about 4 yards from scrimmage. Kamara has 83 and 147 yards.

“Those guys have demonstrated what they can do in all scenarios,” Brees said. “They’re two quite complete backs, you know, that can be in at any given situation whether that’s functioning in between the tackles or outside of the tackles or catching balls out of the backfield splitting them out, picking up security — you know these guys can do everything.”

Peterson carried 27 days 81 yards — 3 yards per carry. He caught 2 passes. In all, Peterson had been on the field for a mean of 11 offensive snaps per game.

But spoke of him.

“All of the experience he has, he was attempting to funnel as much as he can into me,” Kamara said. “Whatever I needed to know, he was an open book and I was thankful for this. I tell him that via a text.”

Payton has said he perspectives thickness as significant at running back. But Payton offered a vote of confidence to newcomer Trey Edmunds, that left the team as Daniel Lasco and a special teams regular, a 2016 seventh-round draft selection on practice squad.

“Of course, I was surprised,” Edmunds said of Tuesday’s commerce. “I was just blessed to have the opportunity to meet him and just to play together with him and be mentored by him at the short little bit of time we didn’t have. I do appreciate him. He taught me a few things and I appreciate him for doing that, because he did not have to, you know?”

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Saints refining running backs’ roles

New Orleans moves on without running back Adrian Peterson.


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