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Dental implants have been improving the health of many people around the world. These implants offer a heightened sense of confidence by restoring a natural, beautiful smile. Also called tooth or teeth implants, dental implants act as a substitute for the natural tooth root.

You may get dental implants at a dentist qualified and experienced in this area of dentistry. Come to the dental specialists nearest you in Manchester for affordable, convenient service.

What are dental implants? They are essentially individual false teeth but they look quite real. They are made of titanium screws, an abutment which connects the implant to the root and a crown which is the porcelain or zirconia tooth of the implant.

The titanium has been found to integrate perfectly with bone. A dentist will evaluate your dental health and help you decide what types or how many implants you would need or want. You can get individual implants or you can get a whole set to stabilize dentures. Implants can also be used to replace multiple teeth or act as a bridge.

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