Individuals displaced by apartment fire Grateful for community Contributions

People displaced by apartment fire thankful for community Gifts

MCCRACKEN COUNTY, KY — Sixteen people survived a fire in the Colony Drive flats Sunday. Falconite Development says they’re working to put those households into new flats during the next few days.

The flats are a entire loss, but people in the community have already revealed their giving spirit that will help the people displaced by the fire.

It is similar to day-by-day day all over again — the lack of sleeping, the unpacking boxes — but Bri Sussenbach, her boyfriend Zack, along with her buddy Gary know they’re blessed to have their space. “(We are) entirely starting over, so many people are being overly generous,” she states.

When they understood their construction was on fire, it was surreal. “Looking back on this, I really feel like I was staring in the smoke the whole time while I was seeing the apartment, and I didn’t even detect it again,” she states.

The fire started in the apartment next.   Sussenbach told me that they were lucky no one was hurt, although one of her roommates went straight back into the building to try and save their creatures and others.

The team functions in Texas Roadhouse, and it wasn’t a matter in their manager’s head that they needed to pitch in to help. Some workers even vowed that a day’s pay to the team to provide help.

“When it strikes close to home, it was our boys, it simply struck a little tougher,” Manager Randy Cornwell states.

Knowing bags and boxes that they now have arrived from people who care about them and some who do not even know them has the team counting their blessings. They said they’re shocked at how the community came together for them.

The cause of the fire is still unknown. The team did say they dealt with some electrical problems while living in their flat.

If you’d love to help the people displaced from the fire, then Falconite is accepting donations. There were other families affected from the construction. They’re taking children’s’ clothes, pet equipment, and household equipment.

The children’s sexes and dimensions are a 9-month-old woman, 2-year-old woman, 4-year-old boy, 9-year-old woman, 10-year-old boy along with a 12-year-old woman, all wearing the identical dimension as their era. There’s an 8-year-old boy wearing size 10-12 plus a 14-year-old boy wearing a 32/32 pant and medium shirt. Dog supplies are also required. All donations can be dropped off in the Falconite office in 2690 Olivet Church Road.