Choosing The Most Suitable Marquee Hire North West For Your Event

Nowadays there are various types of marquees available to hire for a marquee hire in the north west with the most common being the aluminum frame marquee. This type of marquee is the most favoured because of its intelligent design allowing a great degree of flexibility and space. The framed structure does not have a support pole in the middle of the tent allowing you to layout the event without restrictive internal poles. Of course, this may not be the ideal tent for your particular marquee hire North West needs. This article will provide information on the different types of marquees available.

1. The Traditional Pole

The most traditional marquee style is the traditional pole marquee. This marquee is made of canvas material and is kept under tension using support poles with guy ropes. The ropes are attached to the ground using pegs, making the style very similar to camping tents but on a much larger scale.

Due to the fact that traditional pole marquees cannot be placed on hard surfaces, the location for the event is restricted and can be a disadvantage. In addition, the fact that the marquee must be fastened to the soft ground can reduce stability making it a problem if faced with storms or inclement weather.

2. The Aluminum Frame

The modern got it covered marquees design is known as the aluminum frame marquee. This marquee is highly beneficial because it allows the tent to be placed on both hard and soft surfaces so that the event can be held on a beach and a car park. This item relies on an aluminum frame for stability increasing resilience against inclement weather.

The versatility of the aluminum frame marquee makes it possible for the item to be placed over ponds, swimming pools, trees and flower beds. This allows for visually exciting events with more interactive areas. By not having a supporting pole in the center of the marquee, it is easier to enjoy these events with a larger venue space.

Whereas the traditional pole marquee is created using canvas, this aluminum frame design uses PVC material. The PVC material is highly beneficial in that it is easier to clean, maintain, and is much stronger than canvas.